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4D Systems Sales Network

4D Systems maintains a Worldwide Network of Sales and Support. No matter where you are, 4D Systems's Resellers, Distributors, and Factory Sales Offices are probably nearby. By working through the following menu selections you will be provided with name and web site of nearby sales professionals and organizations that can assist you.

Become a Distributor

4D Systems is looking for distributors and resellers, to offer our customers more local purchase options. If you would are interested in becoming a 4D Systems partner, please contact:

North America

Country Company Type Website/e-mail
North America 4D Systems Australia Sales Office
United States Mouser Electronics Distributor www.mouser.com/4d-systems/
United States SparkFun Electronics Distributor www.sparkfun.com
United States Parallax, Inc. Distributor www.parallax.com
United States RobotShop Distributor www.robotshop.com
United States MicroControllerShop Distributor microcontrollershop.com
Canada Scorpion Technologies Distributor www.controlgrips.com
Canada RobotShop Distributor www.robotshop.com
United States Embedded Designs Distributor www.embeddedlcd.com

South America

Country Company Type Website/e-mail
South America 4D Systems Australia Sales Office


Country Company Type Website/e-mail
Europe 4D Systems Europe Sales Office
Austria TIGAL Distributor www.4dsystems.eu
Czech Republic SOS Electronic Distributor www.soselectronic.cz
Belgium Texim Europe Distributor www.texim-europe.com
Finland Robomaa Distributor www.robomaa.com
Denmark Texim Europe Distributor www.texim-europe.com
France Lextronic Distributor www.lextronic.fr
France Diltronic Distributor www.diltronic.com
Germany TIGAL Distributor www.4dsystems.eu
Italy Inware srl Distributor www.inware.it
Hungary SOS Electronic Distributor www.soselectronic.hu
Netherlands Texim Europe Distributor www.texim-europe.com
Poland SOS Electronic Distributor www.soselectronic.pl
Romania SOS Electronic Distributor www.soselectronic.ro
Russia Terraelectronica Distributor www.terraelectronica.ru
Spain E-Pulse Distributor www.bricogeek.com
Slovak Republic SOS Electronic Distributor www.soselectronic.sk
Switzerland TIGAL Distributor www.4dsystems.eu
Turkey Robit Technology Distributor www.robitshop.com
United Kingdom Milford Instruments Distributor www.milinst.com
United Kingdom Warburtech Distributor http://www.warburtech.com/
Czech Republic PV Electronics Distributor www.pvelectronic.eu
Europe RS Components Distributor www.rs-components.com
Germany Tinkersoup Distributor tinkersoup.de
Spain Microsystems Engineering Distributor www.microcontroladores.com
United Kingdom RS Components Ltd. Distributor uk.rs-online.com/web/


Country Company Type Website/e-mail
Africa 4D Systems Europe Sales Office
South Africa RF Design Distributor www.rfdesign.co.za


Country Company Type Website/e-mail
Asia-Pacific 4D Systems Sales Office
China PlayRobot Distributor www.playrobot.com
India Rhydo Technologies Distributor www.rhydolabz.com
India Tenet Technetronics Distributor www.tenettech.com
Korea JT Micro Inc Distributor www.jtmicro.co.kr
Japan I.P.I Co. Ltd. Distributor www.ipishop.com
Japan Microtechnica Distributor www.microtechnica.net
Japan Wakamatu Tsusho Co., Ltd Distributor www.wakamatsu.ne.jp
New Zealand, Australia Glyn Limited Distributor www.glyn.co.nz
Singapore Robot R Us Distributor www.robot-r-us.com
Taiwan PlayRobot Distributor www.playrobot.com

Middle East

Country Company Type Website/e-mail
Middle East 4D Systems Europe Sales Office
Israel P.S.T. Ltd. Distributor www.pstsys.com
Israel Radion Engineering Distributor www.radion.co.il


Country Company Type Website/e-mail
Global 4D Systems Australia Sales Office
United States Mouser Electronics Distributor www.mouser.com/4d-systems/
United Kingdom Farnell Distributor www.farnell.com
Canada RobotShop Distributor www.robotshop.com

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