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4D Workshop3 IDE

4DGL Editor/Compiler/Linker/Downloader
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4D Workshop3 IDE

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Updated on 27 Aug 2012

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Updated on 21 Nov 2011


** This product has been superseeded by the new Workshop 4 IDE. Workshop 4 offers support for most of the 4D Range of products, however some of the older products are not supported. Users who own these unsupported products should continue to use Workshop 3 **


The 4D-Workshop3 IDE provides an Integrated software Development Environment for all of the latest 4D family of processors, such as the GOLDELOX-GFX2, GOLDELOX-SGC, PICASO-GFX2, PICASO-SGC, GOLDELOX-PoGa and respective display modules. The IDE combines the Editor, Compiler, Linker and Compiled Code Downloader to develop complete 4DGL applications and download to the embedded target 4D processor. All user application code is developed using the Workshop3 IDE. The downloaded setup application will create the required 4D-Workshop3 folders and install all the required files.

4D Workshop3 has been developed for the new generation of GFX processors, such as the GOLDELOX-GFX2. This Workshop is 100% backward compatible with first generation of GFX processors. Users of the older version of 4DGL and GOLDELOX-GFX PmmCs should migrate to the new PmmCs as soon as possible, as backward compatibility will be dropped at some future date.

Note: 4D Workshop3 supports GOLDELOX-GFX2, Legacy GOLDELOX and PICASO-GFX so it completely replaces the existing 4DGL Workshop3 IDE, 4DGL Workshop Beta 2.4. and 4DGL Workshop2 IDE.


  • 4DGL-Editor/Compiler/Linker/Downloader
  • 4DSL-Editor/Compiler/Linker/Downloader
  • PmmC Loader
  • Terminal Connect
  • PoGa Explorer
  • Graphics Composer
  • Sprite Editor
  • 4DGL uVGA Link

Note: 4DSL is 4D Scripting Language for GOLDELOX/PICASO - SGC.

4D ViSi

4D Workshop3 IDE - Beta (Test Release)
4D Workshop3 IDE Beta (Test Release) incorporates an updated 4D ViSi tool with a few more widgets and objects added. Please feel free to post your feedback, bug reports or suggestions for the new widgets on the 4D ViSi Forum Page

4D-Visi is the perfect software tool that allows the user to see instant representation of their desired graphical layout for a 4D display module. 4D- ViSi has a selection of inbuilt dials, gauges and meters that can simply be dragged and dropped onto the simulated module display allowing the user to easily layout their design. Without needing to download the application code every time to see a change, each item has properties that can be edited and at the click of a button, all relevant code is produced in the user program.

4D-ViSi reduces the amount of application development time, by reducing the ground work normally required to be carried out by the user. All that is required now from the programming side; is user development to control ‘how’ the application will interact with input and output; not ‘what’ it will look like.




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