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Carrier Board for ĀµOLED-96-G1(SGC/GFX)
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Updated on 21 Nov 2011


The CB-96-G1 is a compact carrier board designed to provide a simple means of adding user input to the already capable uOLED-96-G1(SGC) (Serial Platform) and the uOLED-96-G1(GFX) (4DGL Platform) range of  intelligent display modules. The tiny 5-position joystick facilitates user input for these displays.

The joystick can be used for menu navigation, exciting game play or any kind of user input needed for your applications.

The carrier board also provides a secure stable attachment for the uOLED-96-G1 range of displays. When the display is mounted on the carrier board, the combination provides additional protection for the display.

Note: The µOLED-96-G1(SGC) or the  µOLED-96-G1(GFX) display modules are not included with the CB-96-G1 Carrier Board and these display modules must be purchased separately.


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