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2Gb micro-SD Memory Card formatted with PoGa-FS
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The PoGa-Disk is a 2Gb micro-SD memory card formatted with the PoGa File System (PoGa-FS). The PoGa-Disk provides a convenient method of storing all your PoGa programs in a single device, up to 512 of them. You can store and add all your related programs under different categories (folders).

Without the PoGa-Disk you can only download a single application/game into the GOLDELOX processor's on board flash program memory. However, by having a PoGa-Disk, you can store all your applications and games (up to 512 of them) in the disk and select and run them individually via the PoGa-Menu utility.


  • 2Gb Kingston micro-SD memory card
  • Preformatted with the PoGa-FS (PoGa File System)
  • Preloaded with PoGa Games


To use the PoGa-Disk you'll need some sort of utility in the PoGa console to make it all work once the disk is inserted. This is where the PoGa-Menu comes into play. The PoGa-Menu is a small 4DGL application that allow you to guide your way through the PoGa-Disk. To load the PoGa-Menu program onto your PoGa, we just need to follow a few simple steps:
  1. Open up 4D Workshop3.
  2. Click 'File', 'Open Samples', double click 'POGA INTRO'.
  3. Double Click the latest version of PoGa Menu (POGAMENUv01.4DG at the time we went to press).
  4. Connect your PoGa to your PC, either using the uUSB-MB5 or the 4D Programming Cable and turn it on.
  5. Select the COM port your PoGa is attached to.
  6. Click 'CompnLoad' (or simply press F9).
Now turn off your PoGa and insert the PoGa-Disk. Full details are available in Section 11. of the PoGa Quick Start Guide.

Make Your Own PoGa-Disk

To make a PoGa-Disk you will need a minimum 2Gb micro-SD memory card (larger capacity cards can also be used). You will also need the aid of the PoGa-Explorer software utility, available in the 4D Workshop3 IDE. Sections 5 and 6 of the “PoGa-4DGL-Portable-Game-Console-Reference-Manual-RevXX.pdf” provides a detailed step by step guide on how to format, create categories/folders and how to add/delete 4DGL executable programs (as files) in to the PoGa-Disk. Also in the same document, Appendix-A gives an in depth look into the PoGa-FS architecture.

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