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Pluggable micro-SD LCD Module
This product us RoHS compliant This product is PbFree


MOTG-128 is a small pluggable module ideally suited as a diagnostic display for embedded systems. It incorporates a 1.44" 128x128 resolution full colour LCD-TFT and has a wide range of uses in educational, experimental as well as during any development phase where a quick display solution is required. It comes in a micro-SD memory card format which is designed to interface to any embedded platform that has an on board micro-SD (or SD) card adaptor.

Powerful graphics, text, image, animation and countless more features are built inside the MOTG-128. The display module utilises the standard SPI signals and acts as a slave device to the host micro. It offers a simple yet effective command set to any host platform that can communicate via a SPI port and all screen related functions are sent using a simple protocol.
MOTG-128 device simply plugs into a standard µSD/SD socket for quick assembly and maintenance, no need to design for specialised connectors or spend time waiting for them to arrive from exotic suppliers, just add a standard µSD socket and off you go. Don't need the device permanently, or want to make it optional? Simple, just unplug. Need some way of debugging your latest brainchild without top end equipment? Just plug a MOTG-128 into its µSD socket and use it as an outboard diagnostic display.
The MOTG-128 is a novel concept from 4D Systems that belong to a broader range of Modules-On-The-Go series. Some of the other modules on offer are:
  • MOTG-96: Pluggable 0.96" 96x64 OLED display module in a micro-SD card format.
  • MOTG-GPS: Pluggable GPS module with a tiny built in ceramic antenna in a micro-SD card format.
  • MOTG-RF24G: Pluggable 2.4Ghz RF Transceiver module in a micro-SD card format. 
  • MOTG-WiFi: Pluggable Wifi module in a micro-SD card format. 
  • More modules coming very soon....


  • Low-cost pluggable LCD display module.
  • 128xRGBx128 resolution, 65K true to life colours, LCD-TFT screen.
  • 1.44” diagonal size with an Active Display Area: 25.5mm x 26.5mm.
  • LED back lighting with greater than 150° very wide viewing angle.
  • Easy micro-SD card form factor that will plug into any embedded host platform that has a micro-SD or SD card adaptor.
  • SPI interface to the host via the micro-SD or SD adaptor.
  • Comprehensive set of built in high level graphics functions and algorithms that can draw lines, circles, text, and much more.
  • RoHS Compliant.


Data Sheets: The latest data sheets for the module are available here:
     - MOTG-128-DS-rev2.pdf

PmmC File: PmmC is an abbreviation of Personality-module-micro-Code. The GOLDLEOX chip used in the MOTG device is a custom controller and all functionality including the high level commands are built into the chip. This chip level configuration is available as a PmmC file and contains all of the low level micro-code information (analogy of that of a soft silicon) which define the characteristics and functionality of the MOTG device. The ability of programming the device with a PmmC file provides an extremely flexible method of customising as well as upgrading the MOTG with future enhancements. As we make further improvements, we will release PmmC file updates and you should check regularly to benefit from these enhancements. You can download the latest version from here:
     - MOTG-128-R17.PmmC

PmmC-Loader Software Tool: Windows based software tool to program the PmmC file into the MOTG module.
     - PmmC-Loader Tool link

FAT-Controller Software Tool: The 4D FAT-Controller is a free software tool to quickly test the functionality of the MOTG device using  your PC, prior to writing any piece of embedded code for your platform to communicate with the MOTG module. The FAT-Controller simulates the embedded host controller and provides an easy means of exercising the available commands. 
     - FAT-Controller Tool link

Note: To use the MOTG module with the FAT-Controller, you'll need to program the module with a special test PmmC file. The latest test PmmC can be found here: 
     - MOTG-128-SER-R17.PmmC

Embedded C Library Driver Source: Use the provided C source code to embed the functionality of the MOTG Display module into your host platform.
     - MOTG_Displays_C_Lib.c

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