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PmmC-Loader Programming Tool

Software Tool to Program PmmC files to GOLDELOX/PICASO/DIABLO processors
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PmmC-Loader Programming Tool

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Updated on 31 Jul 2012

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The PmmC-Loader is a MS Windows based software tool to aid in programming the GOLDELOX, PICASO and DIABLO processors with PmmC system files.

The PmmC file is uploaded and programmed into the processor via its hardware Serial Port (UART).

What is a PmmC and why do we need it:
The GOLDELOX, PICASO and the DIABLO are highly integrated and configurable custom processors. The internal architectures of both are constructed of high level functional blocks that is controlled and supervised by EVE (Extensible Virtual Engine).

EVE is a proprietary, high performance virtual processor engine with an extensive byte-code instruction set optimised to execute compiled 4DGL programs. It is the heart of the 4D range of processors. This implementation across a variety of architectures provides a single unified platform. The same application code developed under 4DGL for the GOLDELOX can run on any other 4D custom processor such as the PICASO.

The combined blocks of EVE, the built-in graphics and system functions and the low level drivers make up and define the personality of the GOLDELOX/PICASO/DIABLO (analogy to that of a soft silicon). This is referred to as the Personality-module-micro-Code or PmmC for short. Future enhancements to the chip level configuration or any of the functional blocks can easily be accommodated with a new PmmC file which can then be uploaded and programmed into the GOLDELOX, PICASO or the DIABLO by the user.


System Requirements:

  • The PmmCLoader.exe application. The latest version can be downloaded from the link on the side or:
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System (XP, Vista) that supports the .Net framework version 2.0 or higher.
  • .Net Framework version 2.0 or higher. If your existing Windows operating system does not have this installed then a free version can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft web site.
  • μUSB-MB5 or μUSB-CE5. These are USB to Serial converter modules. The μUSB-MB5 and the μUSB-CE5 are fully supported by the PmmC Loader. These micro-USB modules provide a direct hardware serial link between the PC and the GOLDELOX/PICASO/DIABLO based modules.
  • micro-USB drivers. These drivers must be installed to provide the virtual serial link between the PC and the above micro-USB modules. Please check for the latest drivers within each product page.
  • PmmC System File. Please check for the latest PmmC file of your module in the specific product page. The file will have a .pmmc extension.

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