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FAT Controller

Software Test Tool for all 4D Serial Devices
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FAT Controller

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Updated on 04 Apr 2012

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Updated on 21 Nov 2011

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The FAT Controller (FourD Advanced serial Test Controller) is a free software tool to test all of the functionality of the GOLDELOX-DOS, GOLDELOX-SGC, PICASO-SGC and the DIABLO-SGC serial devices and  their respective modules. It is useful in learning about how to communicate with the chips and the modules.

For the GOLDELOX-SGC, PICASO-SGC and the DIABLO-SGC it can also simulate most of the operation of the device and assist in the creation of simple scripts, either simulating the execution of those scripts and / or downloading them into a uSD card for execution on the display.

For the GOLDELOX-DOS (the uDRIVE), it not only tests all of the high level file handling capability, but also allows the user to test the raw byte level read/write options. For raw read/write, the ‘Protected FAT’ check box needs to be unchecked. The user can also do random tests, available under the ‘Test’ tab.


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