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Free Breadboard Layout Tool
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PEBBLE Software Tool

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Download PEBBLE Online for IE Rev3.0G
Updated on 02 Nov 2010

Download PEBBLE Online for FF Rev3.0G
Updated on 02 Nov 2010


PEBBLE is a javascript based, browser orientated, "drag and drop" virtual electronic breadboard program which enables the user to depict the layout of components and modules on a breadboard, proto-typing or similar circuit board. The program includes a variety of breadboard and proto/development board layouts, some with power supply polarity indicators included. PEBBLE has a comprehensive range of DIP integrated circuits, LED’s, resistors, capacitors, terminals, switches, and ancillary items (from LDR’s to Servo-motors), including many modules from the 4D Systems range such as:
     - DEVBOARD-G1
     - uOLED-96-G1(SGC or GFX)
     - uOLED-128-G1(SGC or GFX)
     - uOLED-160-G1(SGC or GFX)
     - uDRIVE-uSD-G1
     - uUSB
     - uUSB-CE5
     - uUSB-MB5
     - SOMO-14D
     - uCAM
     - and many more to come ...

The program incorporates an extensive wire drawing editor which permits wires to be shown over virtually every portion of the boards together. There is an “off-board” region below the breadboard or proto-board image, where items such as switches, displays and motors can be placed and “wired” to the breadboard or proto-board. PEBBLE includes the ability to print a drawn breadboard layout  and display a component/wire listing that can be separately saved and reloaded at a future time.

PEBBLE is open-sourced and it will run on most modern browsers.



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